Собственно фермерское хозяйство

We approached the choice of seed plot very responsibly. The first thing we did was to
conduct high-quality monitoring of all seed plots in Ukraine. First of all, we paid attention to
the certification of a particular enterprise, as seed plots must be legal and must pay
royalties. These are the seed plots that have been tested by all plants. An equally
important condition from us was that the seed plots on the market already had some
experience and a positive reputation.
We carefully studied the Ukrainian market and came to the conclusion that we can
safely rely on a solid reputation with many years of experience in ROSETTA AGRO
and FruiTech.
To make our choice, we also had to immerse seed plots in the question of where and to
which farms seed plots sold their seedlings. This allowed us to make a detour of these
farms. Investigate them and see how the planting material behaves from a particular
All seedlings purchased in seed plots had a closed root system. What does it mean!? That
the probability of survival is almost 100%. Also, the quality of growth is significantly
increased compared to the open root system. All plants that are planted in our farm are
planted under irrigation. Each plant at the time of drought or lack of water receives
watering. We have special sensors that monitor the plant's moisture supply and as soon as
the sensor indicates that there is not enough moisture, we water.

FE "Eco Berry" covers an area of 300 hectares.