Its Name Comes From the Latin Word “Fragaria Vesca”

Spring is coming soon, which means that very soon we will plunge headlong into this wonderful time of year. Warm evenings, anticipation of summer and the first, most delicious harvest of various vegetables, fruits and berries.

ФГ «Еко Беррі»

Strawberry cocktails and pancakes with fresh berries occupy the top positions in the dessert menus of cafes and restaurants. And this is not surprising, because, until the middle of the XIX century, strawberries were a real luxury, even on a holiday table. It is now available almost throughout a year, although the healthiest strawberry is, of course, the one that appeared on your table in “its”

A Little Bit of History or What You Need to Know About Strawberries
Its name comes from the Latin word
“fragaria vesca”, which means “fragrant”, “flavorous”

ФГ «Еко Беррі»

ФГ «Еко Беррі»

Wild strawberries have grown around the world for thousands of years, in places with favourable temperatures. However, the taste of strawberries was really appreciated by Europeans only in the XVIII century. According to the legend, in the early XVIII century, a French officer was engaged in espionage in the Chilean mountains; so as not to die of starvation, he decided to taste small red berries, the wonderful aroma of which has long attracted him. Therefore, it was thanks to these berries that he survived, and later, with great difficulty, he delivered the plant to his homeland.

Some of the berries were transferred to Paris Botanical Garden. In the neighbouring beds there grew strawberries from the Pacific Coast and the Atlantic Coast. Nature itself knows the better option, so later these two types of berries have mixed. The result exceeded all expectations: the new berry (called “garden strawberry”) dazzled all gardeners and cooks, because it surpassed all known at that time strawberry varieties. A few years later, strawberries (and it was them) were served to the royal table almost every day.

Health Benefits

Strawberries are one of the most popular garden crops. This is not only due to its unique taste, but also due to a lot of health benefits.
Strawberries were used for medicinal purposes yet at the time of Hippocrates. This berry is one of the five leaders in terms of vitamins and minerals. It contains iron, magnesium, manganese,
potassium, copper. Strawberries also contain fruit sugars, B vitamins and vitamin C, carotene, folic acid, fiber, organic acids.
Strawberries are an excellent prevention of vision impairment and dry eyes. Its unique medicinal properties are also used to eliminate intestinal disorders, in case of metabolic disorders, inflammatory processes. Strawberries are recommended for anemia, exhaustion, for the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism. Berries are used for skin rashes too.

Strawberries are recommended for people with diabetes – it lowers blood sugar. Strawberry juice dissolves stones in the bile ducts. The inclusion of strawberries in the menu slows down the growth of cancer cells and serves as an excellent prevention of oncology.
The presence of iodine in strawberries ensures its deficiency in the body. In particular, the berry is very healthy for the elderly. It rejuvenates the body, has a positive effect on the brain functioning,
improves memory, stops the aging of the brain and normalizes the functioning of the nervous system.

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