We are treated with strawberries!

Yes, yes, you read that correctly
Now we will tell you not only what you know about strawberries, their taste and addition to desserts
Let’s start with the berries
With a high content of vitamins, strawberries have a beneficial effect on almost the entire human body. It normalizes digestive processes, contains a lot of potassium, is useful for people with heart problems
Did you know that the leaves of this berry are also very useful?
Strawberries are perfect not only in taste but also for the benefit of the human body. We have already learned a little about berries, now about the leaves🌱
Strawberry leaves are just as rich in the whole composition of vitamins that are in the berry itself. Therefore, decoctions of the leaves are used to treat or prevent many diseases:
vascular and heart diseases;
Strengthens the immune system
There are also contraindications
It is not recommended to drink tea or berries to those who have the following list of diseases:
Peptic ulcer disease;
Allergy to pollen, berries
Take care of yourself, and be healthy, with love, your Eco Berry 🥰🍓