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What to look for when buying strawberries?

Uliana Suprun notes that the best scientifically sound advice is to fill the berries with water and soda (10 g per 1 liter), leave for 10 minutes and discard through a colander.

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How to eat berries to benefit the body as much as possible

The fruit should not be cooked for more than 20 minutes. Alternative - freezing, drying, making lozenges», — explains Uliana Suprun.

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Bees are the most efficient farmers in Ukraine

Even NATO headquarters produces honey, and at the end of the year, each ambassador receives a gift of honey from Alliance bees.

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Watering strawberries during flowering and fruiting

Many homeowners are skeptical about whether to water strawberries during flowering, which begins in early varieties in late May.

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Irrigation of garden strawberries

If the air temperature is kept in the range of 28 – 30 ºC, in addition to the main watering, you need to conduct refreshing watering.

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