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What to look for when buying strawberries?

Uliana Suprun notes that the best scientifically sound advice is to fill the berries with water and soda (10 g per 1 liter), leave for 10 minutes and discard through a colander.

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ISO 9001: 2015 standard: product quality assurance mechanisms

The standard is aimed at continuous improvement, which helps companies to continuously improve the quality of products or services, - says Yuliia HRYFTSOVA, International Food Safety Auditor.

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Expert: the Most Important Packaging of Berry Products

The package should also contain contact information of the manufacturer/exporter – the expert recommends to specify e-mail, above all.

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If this year you have decided to plant blackberries on your plot, we suggest that you learn the little tricks of proper planting of this shrub.

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Farming Enterprise “Eco Berry”

All products are subjected to laboratory tests for the content of pesticides, radionuclides and heavy metals (in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, as well as international norms and regulations).

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