Simple Rules to Help a Beginner Get a Rich Harvest of Currants

Black and red currants are easily-cultivated, but if you ignore the basic agronomic care of these crops or do it wrong, a bountiful harvest of tasty and healthy berries will be only in your dreams.

To Choose a Wrong Variety

Many beginners prefer currant varieties that are bred in Western Europe, guided by the principle: “foreign means better”. In fact, this is not the case. Samples of currants obtained in domestic breeding nurseries will be much better, because they will cope perfectly with the “local” climatic contrasts.

To Pay Attention to the Root, Not the Top

The strength of a seedling is determined not by the length of its shoots, but by the strength of the root system – the stronger it is, the better. After planting, the branches are cut short – they do not affect the viability of the bush largely. A sure way not to see bunches of fruits on the branches in summer is to choose or buy seedlings with long shoots and stunted roots.

Planting Currant Shrubs in the Shade

If the shrub is planted in a shady place, it will be extremely difficult to achieve high fertility. The ideal conditions for this crop are space, moderate sunlight and optimal water balance of the soil.

To Fight Plant Diseases Using “Old Wives’ Remedy”

As preventive measures, many gardeners treat the shrubs with fiercely boiling water in early spring. This method does not bring any benefit, but only harm – the plants receive severe burns. The right decision is to treat the plantation with special tested preparations.

Not to Follow the Watering Regime

Some people believe that currants do not need watering at all, others think that the more you water them, the more berries there will be. During one season, red currants should be watered at least 3 times in an amount of 1-2 buckets per bush: the first time – in the phase of berry growth, the second one – after harvesting berries, and the third one – in August – September before preparing for winter. Black currants are more moisture-loving. Provided that the same number of waterings is done, the norm shall be increased in this case to 4-5 buckets per 1 sq.m.

We hope that you will follow our advice and your currant bushes will give a rich harvest every season.