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For blueberries, we chose seedlings of innovative varieties from “Rosetta Agro” selection Fall Creek, namely: middle-early variety Clockwork®; medium varieties Top Shelf® and Valor®; medium-late varieties Cargo® and Liberty (MSU selection). And among the varieties of very late fruiting, we preferred Last Call® and Aurora (MSU selection).

For garden strawberries, we chose the early varieties of Rumba and Clary, middle-early Aprica, mid-late Letizia and Polka.

As for raspberries, we planted remontant varieties Joan Jay, Sugana and Rafzaku (Himbo-Top). Varieties of summer fruiting raspberries: Glen Ample, Glen Fine and Octavia.

For blackberries we have the early dessert variety Karaka Black and the variety of Serbian selection Čačanska Bestrna, intended for industrial processing.

We currently collect all berries by hand, both for the fresh market and for the needs of our own freezing. However, the selected varieties and planting schemes will allow, if necessary, in the future to partially switch to mechanized harvesting of berries for processing.

The main requirements we set for varieties are high taste qualities, resistance to diseases and, of course, yield.