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Performed by professionals

Our goal is comfortable cooperation!

We undertake the entire process of registration of customs documents, necessary certificates and analyzes for products.

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Only high-quality product!

The main requirements we set for varieties are high taste qualities, resistance to diseases and, of course, yield.

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What do we offer?

We guarantee reliable rocessing, freezing, sorting and packaging of products!

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Who are we?

FE “ECO BERRY” is only high-quality and environmentally friendly products. This is a constant improvement and
moving forward! This is a comfortable cooperation and honesty! This is a long-term reputation and satisfaction of the most demanding customers!

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Frozen Eco Berry products

Frozen Eco Berry products

Frozen mushrooms, vegetables, fruits, garden and wild berries are a great opportunity to enjoy healthy natural products all year round.

Long shelf life, attractive appearance and excellent taste - the main reasons for choosing freezing technology