FE “Eco Berry”

FE “Eco Berry”: we keep everything useful for you

Our products are made in the conditions of fast freezing, it allows to keep all its useful properties before arrival to the destination, no matter at what distance you are. We have taken care of all the factors of influence to make you as comfortable as possible.

FE “Eco Berry”: grown only in environmentally friendly places

The idea of creating a berry farm came to us a long time ago. We knew exactly what we wanted and would grow only high-quality products. We sought to ensure that our production would maximize the benefits: both people and the environment. And we successfully registered our business on May 5, 2017 under the name FE “Eco Berry”.

About us

Farm Enterprise “Eco Berry” – the leading Ukrainian company specializing in the cultivation, processing and freezing of berries and forest products. We are located in the west of Ukraine in an ecologically clean region near the Carpathians. The territory of our fields is 300 hectares.

The company specializes in growing the following berries:

  • Remontant raspberry;
  • Summer Fruiting Raspberry;
  • Blackcurrant;
  • Red currant;
  • Garden strawberry;
  • Blackberry;
  • Honeysuckle;
  • Blueberry.

FE “Eco Berry” is a certified company, so we have the opportunity to grow organic berries in accordance with the requirements of the Organic Standard certificate. In particular, we are the owners of such certificates as: HACCP, FSSC 22000.

The farm is also engaged in harvesting forest products from the pure Carpathian Mountains:

– Forest bilberry;

– Elderberry;

– Lingonberries;

– Cranberry;

– Forest mushrooms.

Today FE “Eco Berry” is focused on both the local market and the European ones. Our factory is located on the main field. The company is equipped with highly professional and state-of-the-art equipment from world leaders (OctoFrost, TOMRA (BLIZZARD), UNIMASZ, Urschel Sprint 2).

We guarantee reliable processing, freezing, sorting and packaging of products. We are responsible for product quality from harvesting from the field to transporting it to our customers.

FE “Eco Berry” specializes in growing berries in accordance with the requirements of Organic Standard, HACCP and FSSC 22000. We have undergone quite complex and time-consuming processes to obtain them, because they allow us to offer our customers and partners only high quality products!

All our products go through such processes as:

  • Optical sorting (TOMRA BLIZZARD);
  • Metal detector;
  • Freezing of two types (static freezing, fluidization in the OctoFrost tunnel).

All our products pass a metal detector, and we do laboratory tests on all products for the presence of pesticides, radionuclides and heavy metals (in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, as well as international norms and international regulations).

FE “Eco Berry” is an environmentally friendly product. Ripe and delicious berries! This is a European quality with a Ukrainian soul. FE “Eco Berry”: you will probably never find tastier products!

Our advantages


We keep under close control all stages of work of FE “ECO BERRY”!


Own farm enterprise

FE "Eco Berry" covers an area of 300 hectares, of which 130 hectares are already planted with a variety of berries.



Our factory is equipped with highly professional and modern equipment from world manufacturers.