We’d like to tell you in more detail what an organic product is.
First of all, we ought to understand that when its written on a product “GMO-free”, “Eco”, “Without chemistry” – that’s not an organic!

Organics provide naturalness in everything, the production of organic products include: care for nature, people, animals and the world at all stages.

The products are organic, if:
• Does not contain any chemically synthesized preservatives, flavors, stabilizers, dyes;

• Growed and made without the use of GMOs (genetically modified organism);

• Grown without fertilizers, chemically synthesized pesticides and other agrochemicals;

• Conducted without the use of harmful technologies.

Only certified products that have a special label can be officially called organic.
In Ukraine, products are certified by a single certification “Organic Standard”, which we have already told you about.