Raspberries: interesting to know

“Vitamin bomb” or, as we know, Her Majesty raspberry. The word “raspberry” is immediately associated with sunny summer and delicacies. It is sad to say but also with the treatment for colds and with winter period. This berry is not just delicious. It is extremely healthy and special.

Raspberries can be in four different colours: red, purple, golden and black. The sweetest, among all other varieties, is the golden raspberry. It is believed that the United States has the most favourable climate for raspberry planting; about 90% of the volume of raspberries sold in the world are done by Washington and California.

The name of the raspberry came from the
Anglo-Latin grape or from “raspui”, which
means “thicket” from German, i.e. rough berries


There are archaeological facts saying that the inhabitants of caves of the Paleolithic period also tasted raspberries. The berry is mentioned in Greek mythology. In Greek stories, it used to be white,
but Ida, when feeding Zeus, pricked her finger with a prickly thorn, so she stained the berries with blood making them light-red.

As food and for medical purposes, raspberries were also popular in the Middle Ages, when its juice was also used as a red dye in art

The amount of raspberry harvest largely depends on bees who like to collect nectar on this plant. For example, having processed one hectare of wild raspberry, they produce about 70 kilograms of tasty and healthy honey from the collected nectar.

Raspberry berry consists of 86% water, 12% carbohydrates and about 1% protein and fat. It is a very good source of copper, biotin, vitamin E, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids and potassium. In terms of vitamin C, raspberries outgo oranges. It also contains folic acid, which makes the berry very healthy.

Raspberries help with colds. Modern medicine uses raspberries as a flavoring, adding it to various pharmaceutical formulations. In addition, raspberries are a good stabilizer of blood pressure, a means for the treatment and prevention of gastritis.

Warning! Raspberries are not a medicine, but a healthy food. Do not self-medicate! Be healthy!