Food and process safety control

Our company has product safety systems at all stages of production, packaging, transportation or storage.

The general obligation of FE “ECO BERRY” in the transportation chain is to control the safety of food products and processes for which the company is responsible. Common EU health standards require manufacturers to develop appropriate procedures at all stages based on the principles of risk analysis and critical control point (HACCP), i.e. all businesses in the chain must be HACCP certified (or equivalent).

The presence of the HACCP food safety management system at the enterprise is a reliable confirmation that the manufacturer provides all the conditions that guarantee a stable production of quality and safe products.

⠀Having a HACCP certificate has a number of advantages:

  • growing customer confidence in the brand and building a reputation as a manufacturer of safe products;
  • certificate can be a marketing tool to increase sales by encouraging new customers and business partners;
  • simplifying access to foreign markets by recognizing compliance with food safety;
  • strengthening the competitiveness of products through the presence of an international certificate.

The introduction of HACCP is not an additional requirement to create new problems for manufacturers, but a world production practice of ensuring food safety. Many market operators hope that by purchasing a “HACCP implementation certificate”, they will be able to continue to operate without problems. However, a certificate alone is not enough, because the system must work effectively at every stage of food production.