Interesting facts about blackberries!

This berry is both sweet and sour, but equally valuable for its beneficial properties.

We have prepared interesting facts about blackberries for you, so let’s find out together what blackberries are interesting for.

• Blackberries are rich in vitamins: B, C, E, K, rich in magnesium, sodium, zinc

• The homeland of the berry is considered to be America, and in Europe it appeared only in the early eighteenth century.

• The healing properties of blackberries were known to humans 2,000 years ago.

• Berries perfectly calm the nerves and improve sleep, as they stimulate the blood supply to the vessels of the brain.

• Substances contained in blackberries not only remove toxins and heavy metals from the body, but also are able to stop the growth of cancer cells, sometimes even destroy them without harming healthy cells (only recently proven)

• In ancient times, blackberries were used as a dye for fabrics.