How to properly freeze strawberries?

In order to enjoy strawberries in winter, you need to know a few simple rules
🍓Choose unripe berries. (otherwise it will leak and will not retain its appearance)

🍓Before you freeze strawberries, you need to wash them thoroughly, the main thing is to do it quickly so that the strawberries do not have time to saturate with water.

🍓 The berry should be frozen dry, so after we wash the strawberries, it should be dried and the stalks removed. It’s easy to do, just wet it with paper towels.

🍓It is better to use special food storage bags to freeze berries

If you want your strawberries to be sweeter, you can sprinkle them with powdered sugar, but we, for example, love the taste of real berries, without added sugar🤤
That’s all, now in winter you can enjoy your favorite summer berry😍🍓