How to eat berries to benefit the body as much as possible

In order for the consumption of summer delicacies to bring us the most benefits and satisfaction, experts recommend following a few rules:

Include berries in your daily diet

An adult should eat 300-400 grams of berries daily.

  • «They are very rich in nutrients, so this amount is enough. Vitamin C contained in berries – water-soluble, so when its concentration in the blood reaches a threshold value, the kidneys begin to excrete it. Other biologically active compounds are also excreted by the kidneys and do not accumulate».

We will tell about features of addition of berries in a diet of the child further.

Rinse mouth with water after eating berries or fruits

The fact is that they contain acid, which can damage tooth enamel.

  • «The berries are less acidic and do not spoil the enamel as aggressively as sour exotic pineapples or mangoes. But still with the help of rinsing you can reduce the damage to the teeth».

Buy and collect berries in the morning and store in the refrigerator

Low temperatures prevent spoilage of berries and destruction of biologically active compounds. If the berries have faded, it indicates that they have lost their useful properties.

Soak berries and fruits in soda solution

  • «This is necessary to reduce the content of pesticides used to treat berries during cultivation and transportation. You need to take 2 teaspoons of baking soda and dissolve in a liter of water. Even if you are sure that the berries have not been treated with anything, they should still be washed, because they can be inhabited by bacteria from the hands of people who collected or packed them», — advises Uliana Suprun.

Immerse the seeds in a concentrated salt solution

Yes, white worms (larvae of cherry flies) that lived in cherries or sweet cherries will leave the fruit and die in salt water, and we will just drain them.

Prepare fruit drinks, not compotes

To prepare them, you just need to mash the berries and fill with water. This drink allows you to save all the vitamins of berries and fruits.

  • But note that it spoils faster than compote or smoked fruit compote.

Combine berries with fats

This is required for the absorption in the intestine of fat-soluble vitamins (E, A) contained in berries. It turns out: behind the black skin of currants are hidden orange pigments (vitamin A).

Experts recommend such healthy combinations of berries and fats:

  • raspberry or currant sauce and oily fish;
  • liver pate and berry marmalade;
  • a combination of yogurt (sour cream), cocoa and berries.

Eat berries along with seeds and skins

Whole berries and fruits are the most useful. In the skins there are many important compounds – anthocyanins, the pulp of the seeds is rich in fiber, and the seeds prevent constipation.

But experts recommend giving up fruit juices: they are very sweet, devoid of fiber and have too acidic reaction.

Doctors also do not recommend swallowing and chewing cherry, sweet cherry or plum stones. They contain the substance amygdalin, which is converted into toxic cyanide. Accidentally swallowed cherry stone, of course is not scary, but it is better to be careful.

Make berry marmalade with gelatin

  • «Gelatin is a protein rich in the same essential amino acids as collagen in our tissues. We do not form essential amino acids ourselves, and we must consume them with food, so it is quite good to combine both berries and healthy protein in one dessert».

Freeze, do not cook jam

Berries and fruits should be eaten all year round. However, it is not necessary to cook jam for this purpose.

  • «What’s wrong with jam? Classic jam contains almost 50% of sugar, in addition to sugars present in berries or fruits. Even if you make a jam with 15% of sugar, it’s too much, because 100 grams of jam (which looks a bit small) is half the optimal daily sugar intake. Also, the longer the heat treatment, the fewer vitamins are left in the food. The fruit should not be cooked for more than 20 minutes. Alternative – freezing, drying, making lozenges», — explains Uliana Suprun.

In general, freezing is a triple gain, because we do not increase sugar consumption, do not destroy vitamins by prolonged heating and do not waste time in the kitchen.