Expert: the Most Important Packaging of Berry Products

The most important functions of berry packaging are protection, communication and keeping products together. Packaging is not only a container, but also protective corners and a tape that wraps the pallets.

Most customers in Europe require environmentally friendly packaging that can be reused.

The European market places very high requirements for packaging, especially retailers. This was stated by Harm Verpaalen, International Consultant of the International Trade Center (ITC) Project during the seminar “Post-Harvest Processing of Berries”, organized jointly with the Association “Berry Growing in Ukraine”.

The packaging should protect against bacteria and dirt in the first place. Berries covered with dust will not be accepted in a European store, emphasizes the expert. The information on the packaging must primarily present the name of the product. Country of origin, size and diameter, weight, product class are also to be specified on the package. “It is very important to specify the temperature at which the product should be warehoused and stored. For berries, it is a range from 0 to 2ºC. If you specify 1ºC, you will receive complaints”.

The package should also contain contact information of the manufacturer/exporter – the expert recommends to specify e-mail, above all.

Facilitating reuse – this information should also be on the package, and besides the ease of opening, closing and dosing is now highly appreciated. “Packaging that is difficult to open or close causes negative emotions, which are transferred to the product as a whole”, – emphasized the expert.

  • Primary packaging is what is around the product (a box, a bucket, a tray, a shaker, dough lump spacer).
  • Second packaging protects the product and its primary packaging, which is mostly seen by a buyer, such as a box, a tray. “Shakers and buckets are very popular at the moment. Shakers are often used in promotions, when products are advertised as a snack. Such packages with berries can be seen at petrol stations”. The expert is also convinced that the future lies in trays under the film, because they are easy to use and can be reused.
  • Third packaging is transport packaging, which is removed by a retail chain operator before placement in the selling floor (a wooden pallet, protective cardboard corners, packing tape, top covering), this packaging remains with distributors.



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