Disease prevention, chiselling and milling

Disease prevention

To prevent diseases of strawberries and raspberries, we treat them with drugs that:

🌱 have a wide range of antifungal and bactericidal action;

🌱 are safe for all cultivated plants;

🌱 which are certified for use in organic farming, which is confirmed by “Organic Standard”

After processing raspberries to prevent disease, we carry out chiseling.

The cultivator solves the following problem: it provides us with deep loosening of the soil, thereby reducing the evaporation of moisture, and reduces the manifestation of soil erosion☘️
Advantages of chiselling:

🌱 mineralization of plant residues will take place under aerobic conditions

🌱reduction of various manifestations of erosion – water and wind

We maximize the quality of our berries, for your trust and confidence!

Next, let’s look at soil milling☝🏻

Advantages of milling:

🌱opportunity to perform several operations in one event

🌱milling improves the penetration of moisture and air into the soil, thereby increasing yields

🌱deep loosening (which gives us the output ready for further work soil)

Milling is actively used in Western countries, as it is considered very effective!
We are for quality and benefit in everything!
Eco berry is a European quality with a Ukrainian soul❤️