Decisive factors in choosing a seed plot

The active developments of berry growing in the country and the prospect of exporting products have become an incentive for the introduction of new technologies in domestic berry fields. This is the only way to make Ukrainian berries competitive on world markets. Let’s understand the essence of this approach on the example
of a real company.

Meet the young and ambitious companies “Eco Berry” and “Best Berry”, located in Ivano-Frankivsk region, the founders of which are brothers, Igor and Volodymyr KNYAZEVYCH. The farms have more than 300 hectares of land on lease, of which 130 hectares are already planted with various berries. The main emphasis is on raspberries, blueberries and strawberries.

The last two crops were planted by farmers in 2020, at the same time completing their own freezing facilities, as well as completing the second stage of the processing complex. Their strategy was to choose the quality of the product, as partners – the best manufacturers of machinery, equipment, preparations, planting material, recognized in Europe.

We have put product quality at the forefront, leaving the combination of quality and productivity in perspective. But without good planting material it is impossible, – explains the co-founder of FE “Eco Berry”, Igor KNYAZEVYCH. – I have seen this in my own experience. We bought seedlings in Ukraine and abroad, the difference is noticeable both visually and in cultivation, resistance to weather conditions, pests and diseases. I advise you to study the market and choose a supplier that has already established itself in the market. Be sure to visit seed plots, farms that work with them,
look at the condition of plants.

Certification, experience and reliable reputation are decisive factors in choosing a seed plot!

For planting new strawberry and blueberry plantations, planting material from Italy from FruTek and from the Netherlands from Rosetta Agro was chosen. And we did not lose, says the chief agronomist of the farm Yuriy Vozniuk.

According to the agronomist, the first thing to consider from the technological aspects is the varietal characteristics. Need a berry for the fresh market or for freezing? Europeans pay attention to this when it comes to successful exports. Currently, garden strawberries FE “Eco Berry” is grown mainly for processing, so the taste of the berry is important, especially the sugar content, i.e. the degree of Brix. Therefore, we chose varieties Polka, Sonata and Rumba from the range of “Rosetta Agro”.

The seedlings came in perfect condition: well developed and healthy. Accordingly, their survival rate was 99%. The diameter of the root collar is important for garden strawberries: the larger it is, the more abundantly the bush bears in the first year, the higher the variety of berries. We planted frigo seedlings from Rosetta Agro on June 20 of this year and received a good harvest of sweet berries in two months, – Yuriy Vozniuk shares his observations.

Source: Berry-picker (Jagodnik) Magazine