Company Certification Organic Standard, HACCP and FSSC 22000

Organic Standard Certificate is a proof that the company follows the organic standards of cultivation, production, packaging and transportation of foodproducts. To obtain it, our company had to pass organic certification – inspection by an independent agency for compliance with the principles of organic production.Based on the results of the successful inspection, we obtained the certificate and the right to use the appropriate labelling. The certificate not only proves the total absence of pesticides, antibiotics, hormones or other chemicals in the products, but also shows a careful attitude to farming, based on concern for the ecosystem as a whole.


We support and improve the health of the ecosystem and all living organisms. Health is put first: of soil, plants, animals, humans and the planet as a whole.


Organic farming corresponds to natural cycles and maintains ecological balance. We care about the environment and the ecosystem.


Organic farming protects the health of present and future generations. In particular, the well-being of the environment. We approach the choice of technologies and methods of farm management with responsibility and caution. The principles apply to all stages of production, processing and distribution of products and goods in our business. This helps us to obtain high-quality organic products that have a positive effect on human health and physical well-being. The principles also guarantee a careful attitude to farming and care for the environment.

We grow organic berries in accordance with the requirements of the certificates Organic Standard, HACCP and FSSC 22000.

We have certified the food safety management system of the company on a voluntary basis, in order to demonstrate its compliance with regulatory requirements, guarantee the product safety and increase the trust of customers, consumers and inspecting authorities.

The availability of HACCP and FSSC 22000 food safety management system at our enterprise is a reliable proofthat we ensure all the conditions that guarantee stable production of quality and safe products. We are responsible for the quality of our products from the moment of harvesting from the field to the time of its delivery to our customers and partners.