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How to properly freeze strawberries?

In order to enjoy strawberries in winter, you need to know a few simple rules 🍓Choose unripe berries. (otherwise it will leak and will not retain its appearance) 🍓Before you freeze strawberries, you need to wash them thoroughly, the main thing is to do it quickly so that the strawberries do not have time to […]

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We are treated with strawberries!

Yes, yes, you read that correctly Now we will tell you not only what you know about strawberries, their taste and addition to desserts Let’s start with the berries With a high content of vitamins, strawberries have a beneficial effect on almost the entire human body. It normalizes digestive processes, contains a lot of potassium, […]

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Disease prevention, chiselling and milling

Disease prevention To prevent diseases of strawberries and raspberries, we treat them with drugs that: 🌱 have a wide range of antifungal and bactericidal action; 🌱 are safe for all cultivated plants; 🌱 which are certified for use in organic farming, which is confirmed by “Organic Standard” After processing raspberries to prevent disease, we carry […]

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Interesting facts about blackberries!

This berry is both sweet and sour, but equally valuable for its beneficial properties. We have prepared interesting facts about blackberries for you, so let’s find out together what blackberries are interesting for. • Blackberries are rich in vitamins: B, C, E, K, rich in magnesium, sodium, zinc • The homeland of the berry is […]

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We’d like to tell you in more detail what an organic product is. First of all, we ought to understand that when its written on a product “GMO-free”, “Eco”, “Without chemistry” – that’s not an organic! Organics provide naturalness in everything, the production of organic products include: care for nature, people, animals and the world […]

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