Bees are the most efficient farmers in Ukraine

The vice-president of NAAS of Ukraine Anush Balian told about it.

Ukraine is among the top three world exporters of honey after China and Argentina.

Importers are traditionally the European Union and the United States. Over the past two years, Ukraine has opened export markets to Israel, Morocco and Switzerland. In the price segment, Ukraine competes with China, India and Argentina. Last year, 81,000 tons of healing Ukrainian honey were exported. Therefore, it is not surprising that today Ukrainian honey is not only popular but also a delicious product for many countries. The positive dynamics is due, first of all, to the world demand for natural products, the provision of quotas for duty-free supply by the EU and the successful value for money of Ukrainian honey.

Beekeeping in agricultural production is currently underestimated. The joint work of beekeepers and farmers gives a real result in the form of increased yields. The help of beekeepers for pollination of seed crops and hybridization plots is especially important. Even a small increase in yield from bee pollination gives an annual profit that is 10 times higher than the cost of direct beekeeping. The dialogue between farmers and beekeepers has entered a positive phase. The mass death of bees was stopped. The instinct of self-preservation prevailed and the agricultural sector begins to adhere to the quarantine terms governing the prevention of bee poisoning. The growth of honey exports is the evidence of this.

Ukrainian bees not only produce quality honey for export. And this is by no means their main mission in saving our civilization. Although for honey alone the world should be grateful to these hard-working insects. The most important thing is that bees form the yields of the vast majority of Ukrainian agricultural products. Better than agronomists. In a day a bee can fly up to 7,000 flowers and pollinate them.

Newborn bees start working on the second day

With 5 eyes and the ability to recognize the smell of nectar for kilometers and the ability to carry weight 300 times greater than their own, to make four wings 11.5 thousand beats per minute, bees demonstrate a unique ability to work. As this beautiful insect needs to fly about 50 thousand kilometers to collect 100 grams of honey.

Performing such a grand task, the bee does not have time to rest

When buying products in our stores, we should be grateful not only to farmers who grow bread, buckwheat, tomatoes, apples and more. We should be even more grateful to our bees. Because the bees of the world pollinate more than a trillion plants every day. And the bee is the only insect that makes a useful direct edible product for humans. Without bees, humanity will be able to live 4-5 years.

Realizing this global role of these insects in the survival of mankind, the Netherlands conducted the fourth national census of bees. Including wild. 11,000 volunteers counted more than 200,000 of these insects. In a powerful agrarian country, a whole strategy of pollinating insects has been developed. For bees, including wild, special hotels and parking lots for rest are under construction.

Quality control of agrochemicals is thorough. We need to learn this too. Protecting bees in Ukraine should also become a powerful strategy. Irresponsible treatment of these life-giving insects should be severely punished.

Even NATO headquarters produces honey, and at the end of the year, each ambassador receives a gift of honey from Alliance bees.

We are the agrarian country and beehives in flower meadows and near fields should become our symbol. And environmental protection is a national policy.

Therefore, this industry should be developed within the country and at the state level. After all, the future of the Ukrainian honey market will also depend on how successful the combination of these two categories will be. A balanced expert approach to bee conservation, establishing effective communication between beekeepers, government agencies and businesses is a key factor in success and achieving even better results.