We have raised the quality of our berries as much as possible in order to present them with dignity on the European market. In particular, to achieve such a high level, we formed our production and processing directly on the field, because we immediately work with fresh berries, after harvesting them. In this way, we have reduced to a minimum the time required from product collection to processing.

Fresh berries from the field are sent immediately for processing

Our factory is equipped with highly professional and modern equipment from world manufacturers. We guarantee reliable processing, freezing, sorting and packaging of products directly in our field, because in these processes we have attracted leaders among equipment manufacturers: OctoFrost, TOMRA (BLIZZARD), UNIMASZ, Urschel Sprint 2.

Also from 2020 in the production of FG “Eco Berry” we have introduced shock freezing IQF (fluidized shock freezing in the tunnel OctoFrost) of cultivated and wild berries, fruits and vegetables.

All our products pass a metal detector, optical sorting and we do laboratory tests on all products for availability pesticides, radionuclides and heavy metals (in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, as well as international norms and international regulations).

Our farm is certified, so we have the opportunity to grow organic berries in accordance with the requirements of the Organic Standard certificate and produce products in accordance with the requirements of the FSSC 22000 certificate.

To obtain these certificates, we went through a rather complex and lengthy process. But we have successfully overcome it to be able to offer our customers and partners only high quality products!

FE “ECO BERRY” is only high-quality and environmentally friendly products! FE “Eco Berry” is a constant improvement and moving forward!
FE “Eco Berry” is a comfortable cooperation and honesty!

This is a long-term reputation and satisfaction of the most demanding customers! We do not stop improving and always strive to satisfy even the most demanding customers!