About the company
We are located in the west of Ukraine in an ecologically clean region near the Carpathians. The territory of our fields is 300 hectares.

Own farm

We have raised the quality of our products as much as possible to represent them with dignity in the European market. For the first-class level of our products, we have formed our production and processing directly in the field.

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FE "Eco Berry" is grown only in environmentally friendly places

Our factory is equipped with highly professional and modern equipment. We guarantee reliable processing, freezing, sorting and packaging of products directly in our field.

Our advantages

Why us


We keep under close control all stages of work of FE “ECO BERRY”!


Own farm enterprise

FE "Eco Berry" covers an area of 300 hectares, of which 130 hectares are already planted with a variety of berries.



Our factory is equipped with highly professional and modern equipment from world manufacturers.


Product types

For every taste

Our services

Performed by professionals

Who are we?

FE “ECO BERRY” is only high-quality and environmentally friendly products. This is a constant improvement and
moving forward! This is a comfortable cooperation and honesty! This is a long-term reputation and satisfaction of the most demanding customers!

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What do we offer?

We guarantee reliable rocessing, freezing, sorting and packaging of products!

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Only high-quality product!

The main requirements we set for varieties are high taste qualities, resistance to diseases and, of course, yield.

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Our goal is comfortable cooperation!

We undertake the entire process of registration of customs documents, necessary certificates and analyzes for products.

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Frozen Eco Berry products

Frozen mushrooms, vegetables, fruits, garden and wild berries are a great opportunity to enjoy healthy natural products all year round.

Long shelf life, attractive appearance and excellent taste are the main reasons for choosing freezing technology.